Scent Diffusers
Scent Décor offers a vast range of diffusers, in all sizes and capacities, to diffuse our signature essential oils with high tech delivery system. Whether you wish to perfume your entire home via HVAC system, or need to scent a smaller area, our premium product line of diffusers is sure to have a perfect solution.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are plant concentrates, extracted and liquefied through distillation process. Scent Décor gives you a wide range of essential oils, including our signature fragrances. Essential oils have a number of health benefits, including:
  • Pleasant smell
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Helps take care of fungus and mold
  • Helps you sleep better
Home Scenting
A subtle fragrance gives your home the welcoming personality, turning the brick-house into an alluring and comforting retreat and creating an enchanting environment.

Using Scent Décor’s home scenting solutions not only contributes to creating a welcoming environment, but also instantly lifts people’s moods and spirit.

  • High quality unique and signature essential oils
  • Free from unsafe chemicals, additives, alcohol etc.
  • Absolutely safe to be used even with underage children, aging or indisposed.
  • Instantly enhances people’s mood
  • Does not emit any residue
  • Absolutely no accumulation or harm to paintings or furniture etc.
Business Scenting
A pleasing and refined scent begins to influence one’s mind even before its presence is registered. This renders perfumes with the powerful ability to sway consumers’ perceptions, activate positive emotions, impacts buying behavior and prompts purchasing decisions.

  • Hotels
    Keep your guests coming back, with soul satisfying aroma treating your customers’ senses with blissful perfumes.

  • Retail Stores
    You can see your sales boost, with the right scent-marketing strategy for your retail outlets. 

  • Offices
    Scenting impacts office environment even more than the most expensive furniture or artwork.

  • Spa’s, Yoga Studios & Fitness Centers
    Scent is one of the most integral element of the spa experience. Imbuing a soothing fragrance into your spa, wellness center or yoga studio sets the perfect impression for a satisfying experience.

  • Health Care, Old & Funeral Homes
    Medical centers should be warm, appealing and welcoming. Scenting can be a powerful instrument to create the best environment to soothe the elderly or attendees of service in funeral homes.

  • Cruise Ships
    Cruise ships exude luxury and exuberance, like no other place. Scenting the cruise ships is a great idea to create an ambience of indulgence and extravagance.
HVAC Scenting
HVAC scenting uses your central air conditioning system to propel the perfume in your entire home. Our HVAC scent diffusers are attached to your air conditioning ducts for an even, efficient and quick dispersion of your favorite aroma.

HVAC Technology
We use Cold-Air Diffusion with automated functions, to keep your entire home scented evenly, and continuously.

Low Maintenance
HVAC diffusers are preset to your preferred settings which can easily be changed. They’re extremely low maintenance, only needing a refill of fragrance i.e. the bottle of essential oil. 

System Operation
To ensure the continuous circulation of perfume, HVAC fan must be on, instead of AUTO setting.

Car Scenting
Scent Décor’s Car Scenting solutions include exquisitely designed diffusers to keep your car blissfully fragrant during your drive.
Our diffusers are:
  • Innovative heat-free design
  • Inconspicuous and sturdy.
  • Easily to refill/replace
  • Easily attached to car’s air vent.
  • Natural essential oils perfume, purify and cleanse the air inside of harmful bacteria and viruses.


Our goal is to introduce you to the splendid world of scents, and to be able to enrich your atmosphere with the elegance and sophistication of our fragrances.


Scent Décor strives to bring wellness and happiness into the lives of those that it touches. Our vision is about setting higher standards so we can make the world a better place.


All our products meet or exceed the highest level of global regulatory compliance and legislation. We supply you the very best, and commit to being even better tomorrow than we are today.