Cold Air Technology
Our cold air diffusion scent delivery system and technology is supposedly the safest possible way that evenly distributes a perfume into the surroundings and can also easily be connected to HVAC, Wall Mounted or Floor Standing. 
These powerful and efficient scent diffusers come with adjustable scent output and timers to control, to adjust to the size and space of any room.

HVAC Technology
We use Cold-Air Diffusion with automated functions, to keep your entire home scented evenly, and continuously.


Our goal is to introduce you to the splendid world of scents, and to be able to enrich your atmosphere with the elegance and sophistication of our fragrances.


Scent Décor strives to bring wellness and happiness into the lives of those that it touches. Our vision is about setting higher standards so we can make the world a better place.


All our products meet or exceed the highest level of global regulatory compliance and legislation. We supply you the very best, and commit to being even better tomorrow than we are today.